Gudrun Evans

B.A./B.Sc.(Hons), Grad.Dip.IT, Database designer and manager

Gudrun Evans -at-

My interests in biology range from birds to fungi. I did my honours work in Zoology on developmental haematology of muttonbirds on Phillip Island, Victoria, Australia, and have worked in bird surveying in Tasmania. I was coordinator of the BOPWatch II project for Birds Australia, which entailed developing a database for mapping distribution of birds of prey (BOPs) throughout Australia over a 5 year period. The aim was to investigate changes in distribution and abundance of predatory birds, particularly in comparison to a previous study 5 years earlier.

I was FungiMap coordinator at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Melbourne, working with mycologist Tom May. This is an extensive project with the aim of studying the distribution and ecology of macrofungi throughout Australia.

In Helsinki I have been restructuring and developing a new interface for the NOW (Neogene of the Old World) database, which contains information on Eurasian land mammal taxa and localities from the Miocene to the Pleistocene. I am also developing the MorphoBrowser, a database and interface project for storing and viewing 3D and photographic information on the teeth of mammals.