Otto Stenberg

Master's student

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I am a Master’s student with burgeoning expertise in the acquiral and analysis of 3-dimensional data in an evolutionary context. My work in the group has been focused investigating the surface complexity of specimens ranging from ursid molars to dairy cattle teats. My Master’s thesis will inspect trigonid-talonid complexity differences in carnivoran molars. Besides these larger projects, I have been working towards becoming a jack-of-all-trades in all things 3D: familiarizing myself with different scanning methods and taking on the maintenance of our 3D printer.

I see great potential in the advancement of digital measurement methods – modern morphometric methodology allows us to tap into otherwise familiar specimens for further data. Together with the proliferation of accessible methods of obtaining, storing and sharing 3D models, this makes me consider myself very fortunate for being able to take part in the use and development of these disciplines.

My Bachelor’s thesis revolved around the methods used to quantify tooth shape, their history, and usage in inferring dietary ecology. Looking forward, I am eager to get to delve deeper into palaeontology, with an interdisciplinary approach making use of evolutionary & developmental biology, ecology, and modern computational methods.